1. Public Holidays

1.1. In Colombia there are about 17 days of public holidays every year, most of which fall on a Monday. Blink teaches on public holiday Mondays but reserves the right to schedule Saturday classes instead of Monday classes during the weeks of Christmas, New Years, and Semana Santa and all weeks in which Monday is a public holiday.
Blink reserves the right to cancel classes and prorate the package prices if necessary.
On public holidays, no private classes will be scheduled and group packages will include 19 instead of 20 hours for the same price as our labor costs increase on public holidays. 

1.2. The Colombian public holidays for 2023 are as marked in RED:

2. Class Schedules

2.1. Online classes must be booked with a minimum quantity of 5 hours. Online classes have a duration of 1 hour per class. 

2.2. In-person classes
2.2.1. Group Classes: Our group classes run 5 days per week, Monday to Friday if not advised otherwise.
Normal group classes start at either 8:00 AM, 8:30 AM 9:00 or 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM, 12:30 PM or 1:00 PM. Blink reserves the right to make changes to this schedule if necessary.
Each class has a break of 15 minutes midway through the class.

2.2.2. Private Group Classes: If you want to study with a friend or partner or there are only 2 students in your level, we will schedule private group classes according to mutual schedule availability. Private Group classes are the same cost as group classes but students will only receive 15 hours total instead of 20 hours in group. 

2.2.3. Private Classes: While the student can request professors and times/days, ultimately the scheduling of private classes is up to the Blink Administration.

2.3. Our final schedule is published every Sunday (late afternoon) and distributed to students by email and in our Whatsapp group.

2.4. All classes are subject to availability and time changes. Blink will do everything in it´s power to facilitate classes in the fairest and most convenient way possible for all students. Private classes are assigned on a first come first serve basis, which is why late sign ups might not receive all their private classes.

2.5. Private classes for any package are not guaranteed without reserving 10 or more days in advance. Many weeks we still have space in groups but completely fill our private hours.

3. Class Size

3.1. The minimum group class size is 2 students and the maximum is 6 students. Class sizes change from week to week, one week you may have 5 students in your class, the next you might only have 2. The average is usually 4 students.

3.2. If a student feels they are not advancing fast or for any reason are not happy with their class, Blink will change the group class or give the student private classes. This change is subject to availability.

3.3. Blink reserves the right to switch individuals from group classes to private classes in case of behavioral problems or if their learning style and learning pace is significantly different from the rest of the group.

3.4. If you are the only person in your level, you will receive private classes.

3.5. Blink reserves the right to switch students to private classes. In case a student is switched from group class to private classes, you will receive for the same price:

  • In the Blink Classic package: 10 hours of private lessons.
  • In the Blink + package: 13 hours of private lessons.
  • In the Blink Monster package: 16 hours of private lessons.

3.6. During the last hour of group class every day, Blink reserves the right to offer topic-based lecture classes. During these hours, 2 or 3 groups will sit together in one class and review a specific topic based on the level of the groups. These classes are called 4th hour classes and have been extremely beneficial to our students.

3.7. Blink reserves the right to switch existing reservations to the Master Class version on an opt-out basis. The Master Class equivalents of our packages are: 

  • In the Blink Classic package: 20 hours of group class and 5 master classes. 
  • In the Blink Plus package: 20 hours of group class and unlimited  master classes. 
  • In the Blink Monster package: 20 hours of group class, 2 private classes and unlimited  master classes.

4. Teachers

4.1. Teachers are assigned to classes the Sunday before class starts. We cannot guarantee that students and their former classmates will be placed into the same group every week. Blink Spanish reserves the right to reassign professors after a course has started. Students may request a particular professor for the class they are registering for but this is not guaranteed. Once classes begin transferring between classes is only possible if it is supported by the administration.

4.2. Teachers are not involved in scheduling classes. If you wish to book, change or extend classes you should consult with the Blink administration.

4.3. Teachers are not allowed to teach any student they met at Blink in their off time.  This is an unethical practice and may result in the expulsion of the student and the professor.  If a professor offers you classes outside of Blink we will reward the reporting of such activity with 5 free private hours of Spanish.  Students who solicit outside classes from professors will be expelled from Blink with no refund.

5. Study Material

5.1. The first day of your class, you will receive the curriculum material from your teacher according to your level. 

5.2. In case extra material is required for personal study, please ask us. Additional levels of curriculum cost 15.000COP each and will only be sold if the professor tells us the student can cover material in multiple levels.

5.3. Lower levels can be purchased without a professor’s recommendation.

6. Pricing, Payments, Deposits, Discounts, Fees, Placement test

6.1. All prices published on the website are the actual COP prices.
All our prices are in COP. Any USD price is an estimate based on a conversion of 1USD = 4750COP. All prices are charged in COP unless advised otherwise. 

6.2. Blink reserves the right to use the median exchange rate between the EURO and USD against the COP for reservations specifically quoted in USD. If 1 EUR = 5000 COP and 1 USD = 4800 COP, the exchange rate to be used will be 1 USD = 4900 COP. 

6.3. Due to inflation Blink reserves the right to raise (or lower) prices by 2% per week. 

6.4. Blink requires a 20 USD deposit via PayPal or 88.000 COP in cash or by online credit card payment to confirm a booking for the in person immersion language school. For every 20 USD received via PayPal, 18.5 USD will be discounted due to PayPal fees.

6.5. In-person classes, accommodation and meals can be paid in cash (COP) or by card or in specific cases by online credit card payment. Online classes can be paid by online credit card payment.

6.6. A 4.5% card fee will apply to any in-person card payments, which is the actual cost to us for in-person card payments. A 7.5% platform fee will apply to any online credit card payments. No fee will apply to in-person cash payments.

6.7. Payment is due on the first day of classes. In case the payment does not happen, we reserve the right to charge a 50.000 COP late fee per day. 

6.8. On certain class packages, Blink applies an additional week discount of 50.000 COP. When applicable, the additional week discount is applied starting the third week if payments are made for 1 week at a time or if the reservation was made with an initial deposit of just 1 week.

6.9. If a student has not selected that they are a complete beginner, a placement test is required. The placement test needs to be received by Blink no later than the Wednesday before class starts. In case of late placement tests this might cause scheduling difficulties and an extra administrative fee of 50.000 COP might be applied.

6.10. Any sale discount of 50.000cop on the first week of Stay & Study packages does not apply if the booking is made the weekend before starting. 

7. Rescheduling, Cancellations, Refunds, Credits

7.1. In case of a cancellation of classes, accommodation or meals as per the student’s request or due to the student´s unavailability, the student will be provided with credit at the school minus the administrative cost of the classes. Credit is only provided if canceled with at least 7 days notice. No refund will be given for canceled paid classes, accommodations or meals. If the student has not paid yet, the student will still owe the classes, accommodations and meals initially scheduled. 

7.2. In case of a cancellation of classes due to the school´s inability to provide the classes, accommodations or meals, the student will be provided with credit at the school including the administrative cost of the classes or the classes, accommodations or meals can be refunded. If the student has not paid yet, the bill will be prorated. 

7.3. Blink reserves the right to refund in cash, by Paypal or by card chargeback. If a refund happens through Paypal, the 7.5% PayPal fee will be deducted from the amount. In case of a card chargeback any costs connected to the chargeback will be deducted from the amount.

7.4. In person private classes may be rescheduled only when notice is given at least 24 hours before the class. Classes will not be rescheduled if canceled with less than 24 hours notice. Any private classes scheduled on Mondays are not eligible for rescheduling unless requested by the Thursday prior. In the case of online private classes, the minimum notice to reschedule classes is 48 hours. 

7.5. A class change fee of 50.000 COP applies to changes requested by the student after Thursday 3pm of the week before the classes.

7.6. Online classes can be transferred to another person for an administrative fee of 50.000 COP. In person classes cannot be transferred to another person.

7.7. Any paid classes not taken within 12 months will expire.

8. Hostel & Accommodations

8.1. There is a sound curfew on weekdays after 11pm. The reception will enforce this sound curfew to ensure good rest of all students.

8.2. Noise inside private rooms and studios should be minimal. Music, for example, should not exceed a level in which it would bother other guests.

8.3. Smoking is not allowed inside of Blink. If you smoke on the balcony or in front of Blink, please do so in a way that does not bother other people.

8.4. Blink does not condone any illegal drug use, prostitution of any kind or other illegal activities.

8.5. All guests from students have to register at reception with their identification. Overnight guests are allowed in private rooms or studio apartments and are charged as an extra night.

8.6. Regarding all utensils and public spaces: use it, clean it. When you use dishes, kitchens or public spaces etc, please leave them as you found them. 

8.7. Please turn off air conditioning when you are not in your room.

8.8. Do not store your things on empty beds, we will charge you a 15.000COP cleaning fee. There are lockers and towel hooks in every room.

8.9. Be a good human and housemate and we won’t have any problems.

8.10. Violation of the rules may result in immediate expulsion from Blink and the forfeiting of the deposit and/or tuition.

8.11. Private or studio class in private accommodations and single, double or queen class in dorm accommodations depend on availability.

*In accordance with Article 17 of Law 679 of 2001, the lodging establishment warns the guest that the exploitation and sexual abuse of minors in Colombia are criminally and administratively punishable, according to the laws in force.
*En desarrollo de los dispuesto en el artículo 17 de la ley 679 de 2001, el establecimiento de alojamiento advierte al huésped que la explotación y el abuso sexual de menores de edad en el país son sancionados penal y administrativamente, conforme las leyes vigentes.

9. Restaurant

9.1. If your package does not include meals, you are expected to pay for all meals at the restaurant individually.

9.2. In case of any allergies or diets, please specifically inform the restaurant every time you order.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions write us or check our FAQ’s on the website.

All complaints, suggestions & recommendations should be directed to our founder, Christian Robinson at [email protected] These Terms & Conditions are subject to change.