I would recommend Blink, if you want to learn spanish rapidly. I checked out different schools, but blink responded really quick in contact over email or whatsapp. The owner is one fantastic friendly guy and will put the right course for you. If you want to learn rapidly, i recommend especially private classes. I chose for private because i am a quick learner. I experienced several professors and they were all great, but the most time i spend luckily with Christian. I am a teacher aswell in other things and if you ask me then this guy is the best. He is so clear in explaining and let you use very practical spanish and give you language «hacks». With this i mean you can have full conversations with using charts. Spanish is a challenging language, but he really makes it so easy for you. He is fun and will help you with anything. So if you want to learn fast, go to blink, take private class and ask for Christian ;). I didn’t experienced all teachers but i assume they are all great! Thanks for everything blink, you really opened up a new world for me.