Cristian is in his second year with Blink and has taught 1,000´s of hours of Spanish to foreigners. He is the one of the most relatable and charismatic professors you will ever meet. Once a religious missionary (salesman) it is clear that he knows how to invest in his pupils and he has many loyal followers in the family of former Blink students. Christian will teach you tricks and algorithms that make learning easy and efficient. If you are starting as a beginner, Cristian may be a perfect fit for you. While all of our professors speak English, Cristian´s English is impeccable.


Besides being an exceptional professor, Angela loves to dance and count all of the stars in the sky. She has been teaching Spanish for 3 years giving her well over 5,000 hours of experience. She even taught Spanish in New York City. Angela is passionate about culture, education, history, literature and more. She loves to learn about other cultures through and travel. If you can hear someone singing in the distance it might be Angela as she loves to sing and play the ukulele as she sends her Colombian siren call to those listening around the world.


Carlos is a very talented and approachable professor who enjoys having conversations about Colombian culture, economy, history, music, well almost any topic. He is multifaceted, he likes to sing and play different instruments such as guitar and drums. In his class method, he includes simple shortcuts and algorithms that the students find useful in efficiently making the language useful for all students.


Cindy is the queen of bookworms! you will never get bored if you love philosophy and deep conversations. An advanced student specialist you brings the language to life in it´s fullest grammar and most complete expression. Cindy was born to teach and because of her passion she is a perfect member of our professor staff. She is passionate about linguistics, classic literature, history and painting.