Online Private Classes

To get started, there are many reasons to learn Spanish! We specialize in:

  • General/travel Spanish.
  • High school or universitary students.
  • Professional Spanish.
  • Focused Spanish for Kids 6-13.
  • Focused Spanish for ages 55+.
  • I Want My Employees to Learn Spanish.
  • Missionary or Humanitarian.
  • Medical Spanish (doctors & nurses).

Expert 1-on-1 Private Classes

When we say "expert" we mean it! Our average professor has more than 3 years teaching with in the Blink system.

Better Mission. Better Spanish

Blink is employee owned and part of every class purchase goes towards our feeding program that serves medellín's most vulnerable.

Online Group Classes

Blink is famous for our group classes and curriculum. You simply won´t find a better system or value for your money.

The Top-Rated School

We have taught thousands, and almost every one of our ratings are 5 stars. We want to earn your 5 stars, too!

1-on-1 Private Classes with accredited professors

There is not a faster way to learn Spanish than 1-on-1 private classes. After one hour, you will never think about trying to learn from an app ever again. Our professors aren’t just accredited, each has 1,000’s of hours of experience teaching spanish to foreigners.

$370.000COP 1 person
$470.000COP 2 people

$690.000COP 1 person
$879.000COP 2 people

$1.299.000COP 1 person
$1.630.000COP 2 people

$3.100.000COP 1 person
$3.900.000COP 2 people

Experienced & Professional

We have professionally prepared to offer the best experience. We are more
than 25 passionate teachers and administrators who love what we do.

Why choose us

Top Rated School

In just 5 years Blink has received almost perfect rating on both google and facebook. We want your experience to 5-Stars. Blink is owned in part by our professors and administrators, meaning they are ALL invested in the process of each and every Blink student.

Cutting-Edge Curriculum

We´ve spent 5 years perfecting our curriculum. We teach 14 levels of Spanish and our curriculum has been developed to advance you one unit at-a-time from 1 all the way up to 130. Sure you can work on what you want in private classes, but eventually we get you to the top!

Experience Matters

Our average professor averages 5,000 hours of experience in our system and the screening process to become a Blink professor is extremely stringent. Other schools hire cheap, and pass that on to you. Our reputation depends on your experience.

Study When You Want

Our customer service is among the best you will find. We want you to stay with your same professors and won´t switch you from class-to-class just to make an extra dollar. If your time & professor isn´t available, we will work to find a solution that works for you.


Blink profitshares, houses, and feeds employees, Making Each Personally Invested in Your Progress & Satisfaction.


Active in our Community. We do volunteering and community feeding program.


Positive Community Outreach and Service Projects.


The Salary of Our Founder & President Is Less than $10kUSD per year.



  • Start Tomorrow or Any Day You Want!
  • Study When You Want – You Manage your own schedule. Study a week or a year. All packages good for 6 months.
  • We teach all 14 levels of Spanish & All Curriculum Included. Absolutely No Upsell.