Funny Colombian Sayings

Adding Humor and Flavor to Your Conversations

Discover the funniest Colombian sayings that will bring laughter and liven up your conversations. Spice up your language skills with these humorous expressions from Colombia.

Colombia is not only known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture but also for its rich collection of funny sayings that are sure to make you smile. In this article, we have gathered some  Colombian sayings that you can start using right away. Do you  want to impress your Colombian friends? Or add humor to your Spanish conversations? These funny sayings will surely do the trick.


“Dar Papaya”

This popular Colombian saying advises caution and means “don’t give others the opportunity to take advantage of you.” It’s a reminder to be vigilant and not to expose yourself unnecessarily. For example, if someone leaves their expensive belongings unattended in a public place, a Colombian might say, “No des papaya,” meaning “Don’t give papaya,” emphasizing the importance of being careful.

“Mas Feo que Pisar Mierda Descalzo”

Literally translating to “uglier than stepping on shit barefoot,” this saying is used humorously to describe something or someone extremely unattractive. It’s a colorful way of expressing a strong dislike for someone’s appearance. However, it’s important to note that this expression is used in a lighthearted manner and not intended to offend anyone.

Another way to say this is “Más feo que un carro por debajo” as Eddie White illustrates.

Check out Eddie White’s Instagram for even more fun expressions like these!

“Por Debajo de la Mesa”

This saying refers to secretive or underhanded activities. It implies doing something discreetly or behind closed doors. For example, if someone is involved in a shady business deal, a Colombian might say, “Todo se hizo por debajo de la mesa.” This means”Everything was done under the table,” highlighting the hidden and possibly unethical nature of the transaction.


Funny Colombian Sayings for Life:

“El Que No Arriesga, No Cruza El Río”

Translating to “he who doesn’t take risks doesn’t cross the river,” this saying encourages embracing challenges and taking risks to achieve success. It emphasizes the importance of stepping out of one’s comfort zone and being bold in pursuit of goals.

“La Vida Es Un Ratito”

Meaning “life is just a short moment,” this saying reminds us to enjoy life to the fullest and make the most of every opportunity. It serves as a gentle reminder to cherish every moment and not to take life too seriously.


Funny Colombian Sayings for Social Interactions:

“¿Me Estás Tirando los Perros?”

This humorous phrase translates to “Are you throwing dogs at me?” It is a playful way of asking if someone is flirting with you. It adds a touch of humor to  flirtatious situations, making it easier to break the ice.

“Estar en el Horno”

This expression, meaning “to be in the oven,” is used to describe being in a difficult or uncomfortable situation. If someone finds themselves in a challenging circumstance, they might exclaim, “¡Estoy en el horno!” to express their discomfort or frustration.


Colombian Sayings for Friends:

“¿Qué más?”

Literally translating to “what else?”, this saying is a common greeting among friends and acquaintances. It’s a way of asking “how are you?”


This word has multiple meanings in Colombian slang. It can mean “be careful” or “stay alert.” It’s often used among friends to remind each other to pay attention or be cautious in certain situations.

Another very popular phrase in Colombia is “parcero,” meaning friend. Have a look at our article about this word here!


Funny Colombian Sayings for Flirting:

“Eres el azúcar en mi tinto”

This saying translates to “You are the sugar in my coffee.” It’s a sweet and romantic way to express affection towards someone you are interested in.

“Me tienes en las nubes”

This phrase means “You have me in the clouds.” It’s a poetic way of saying that someone has captured your heart and made you feel elated and dreamy.


Colombian culture has its sense of humor, and the country’s funny sayings reflect this lively spirit. By using these expressions, you’ll not only entertain others but also deepen your connection with Colombian culture and its people. So go ahead and embrace the humor of Colombia by using these funny sayings in your Spanish interactions. Remember, laughter knows no boundaries, and with these phrases in your repertoire, you’re sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

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