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Schedule & Curriculum

All levels contain 8 classes, 2 per week. You should take 2 classes every week and you will have 3 opportunities to take every class or watch the recording if you miss all three.
Through this link you can view our schedule:

You can start any day you´d like!

Below you can view our lesson plan, developed by our best Blink teachers.
Click on this link to see what is taught in every class:

Price & Membership

The subscription for 1 month costs 69.99USD. For 3 months it´s 64.99USD/month and for a year it´s just 59.99USD/month.
That includes unlimited live classes!

These classes are given by the best Blink teachers and the entire curriculum is based on our custom methodology.

Yes, it´s really unlimited.  You can access as many CORE Level classes as you want.  For example, if your level is A2.2, your CORE Level is A2 and you are free to attend all A2.1, A2.2 and A2.3 classes.  Master Classes are also always included.  Master classes will not be available until May 2024.  Please remember that any membership is ONLY valid for ONE student and we reserve the right to require visual confirmation of your attendance.  Visual attendance means that at the beginning of every class we want no less than 20 seconds of your video feed as our client services will confirm attendance when reviewing recorded classes.

Your membership will renew automatically at the end of your cycle.  When you are ready to finish your subscription, in setting just go to Cancel my Subscription.

TAKE A BREAK AND TEMPORARY SUSPENSIONS:  Vacations or tax season, no problem.  As levels cycle every three weeks we will allow you one, 3-week suspension during any 3 month period. 

VIOLATION SUSPENSION:  If we see multiple users on 1 account, multiple logins from different locations, or simultaneous users on same login your will be suspended for one month.  Our service is priced for ONE STUDENT per membership.  

IRREGULARITY SUSPENSION:  If we see that a beginner student is also intensively studying a completely different level we may suspend the account until attendance is verified by video.


How does SpanishFIT work?

You can click on this link to sign up and get started with SpanishFIT: 

We are also running a launch-promo right now, with any package you get one month for free!

If you have an idea of your level, check out our study plan here to see what would be a good starting point.
Here you can view our lesson plan:

When signing-up you can also choose to take a placement test for just 5usd.

Easy, just click the link in your class confirmation email and presto. 

No problem at all, as study is unlimited you just cancel the class your portal and sign up for the next one!
If you missed all three live classes of a unit, you can request the recording of that class so you do not fall behind.

Absolutely! In case of any questions you can chat with us through the student portal. We have 24/7 support.


There are 82 total class units, each is numbered (#1-#82).  There are also 20+ Master Classes and a minimum of 10 per week (as of June 1st).

Each week there will be two classes for your level.  For example, if you are in level A1.2 (level 2 includes classes #7-#12).  For example, if it was your first week, you would have two different classes (class #7 and class #8 for example).  For each class you have three available times/opportunities to study class #7 and three opportunities to take class #8.  The classes on the weekend are slightly compressed and taught consecutively in one two-hour class.

Every level is a 4-week contains 8 classes and repeats every 4 weeks. Week 1 will have class 1 and 2 of that level, week 2 will have class 3 and 4 etc. You can start any day and join in the level that fits best. If you think you have some holes in your knowledge and need to review, no problem. You can take past classes and check our lesson plan to see where the topic you want to review is covered. 

To study the grammar in class order is the most efficient method, so yes, ideal to go in order. That is why for your schedule classes repeats 3x per week and classes are recorded in the case that you can not.  If you have a strong base of Spanish but a lot of holes from different levels you can use our class guide to see exactly what is covered in every single class.  That way you can take advantage of the unlimited study and study both your level and the classes you need to fix your holes. 

To keep up with the program you should take at least two classes each week.  Repetition with language is important and it is always good to take a class twice – especially when confused.  If confused with a certain topic, we suggest taking the class as many times as necessary.

You will have 2 options :)

BOOK THE NEXT CLASS:  Remember that each class repeats three times during the week - twice during the weekdays and once every weekend.  If you had three dates during the week and missed all three classes, please video review the full class before advancing.

RECORDED CLASSES:  To prevent illegal distribution of our curriculum/classes you must submit a class view request to view the class you missed. No problem, just send us an email. 

If the class is too difficult there is no shame in going back a level.  If the lower class IS in in your CORE Level (CORE Levels are A1, A2, and B1) you can simply register for the lower level in the class scheduler.  If you want to change CORE Level, from A2 levels to A1 levels for example, you can just click the different level in the portal.
If you want to review the curriculum by level see our lesson plan.
Click here to view the curriculum and lesson plan.:

If the class is too easy, let´s move you up! If the next more-advanced class IS in in your CORE Level (CORE Levels are A1, A2, and B1) you can locate and schedule in the schedule portal.  If you want to change CORE Level, from A1.3 (A1) to A2.1 (A2), you can just select the different level in your portal. 

Yes! This is common, and often recommended.   You don´t have to let us know or do anything besides schedule the classes in the scheduling portal.

Years. If you want to fast track your fluency, come to Blink Spanish in Medellìn, study immersively in person, get a Colombian boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend.

Yes, mostly we want you to write and practice speaking allowed using our pronunciation tools (provided).  Your teachers will give homework every class.

Yes, your professors will explain the process.  Tests are not mandatory.

Yes, if needed go to and select online private classes.


Repeat Classes:  Repeat classes and entire levels until you feel extremely confident with the grammar and pronunciation.

Pride is your enemy:  Going from class-to-class is great but there is nothing bad about circling back.  

Focus On Pronunciation:  Yes, the Spanish Alphabet looks a lot like the English Alphabed but they are VERY different.  With repetition you should work on all letters and difficult sounds.  If you do this until you pronounce well, you will speak and hear better.

Yes. Management jobs, school teachers, police officers, doctors and many other professions can make a lot more money because they speak Spanish.

Yes.  Any activity, including kissing, spitting, or learning Spanish increases oral fluid circulation and will improve your breath.