Public Holidays

In Colombia there are about 17 days of public holidays every year, most of which fall on a Monday. The school building will be closed on public holidays and Group Classes may be distributed over 4 days instead of 5. If we choose a 5-day schedule classes will happen Tuesday-Saturday. Please consult the list of public holidays and speak to Blink administration if you have any questions or need to clarify our schedule. Blink reserves the right to Schedule Saturday classes during the weeks of Christmas, New Years, and Semana Santa (Thurs/Fri)(April 1/2) and all weeks in which Monday is a public holiday. The Colombian public holidays for 2022 are as marked in RED:

Class Schedules:


ZOOM Classes (private): must be booked with a minimum quantity of 5 hours. Class changes must be advised with a minimum of 24 hours notice, otherwise the class will be forfeited. There are no refunds for online classes.


Group Classes: Our group classes run 5 days per week, Monday thru Friday or Tuesday to Saturday, when there is a public holiday on Monday. Normal group classes start at either 830am to 1230pm or 9am to 1pm. Each class has a break of 15 minutes Midway through the class. Our final Schedule is published every Sunday (late afternoon) and distributed to students through our Whatsapp group. Payment is due before your first class. If you go to class without paying, we will charge a 30.000cop late charge.

In the case that you are the only one in your level, you will receive for the same price 10 hours of private lessons instead of 20hours group lessons + the private hours that is included in your package or if there are 2 students with the same level, we will apply the private group classes package.

Private Group Classes: If you want to study with a friend or partner this is a great option. We Will Schedule private group classes according to mutual Schedule availability. Private Group classes are the same cost as group classes but students Will only receive 15 hours total instead of 20 hours in group and 2 private classes each.

Private Classes: Every Blink Group Class student receives a minimum of 2 hours of private instruction or more according to the purchased package. This is a requirement and is done to help each student with problem áreas. By doing this, Blink expends a large amount of time (and money) but we believe that EVERY student should have the extra time to help them with problema áreas. Because every Blink student has private class time every few days, the efficiency of our group classes is greatly enhanced. All private classes are subject to availability and Blink Will Schedule the times of the classes. While the student can request professors and times/days, ultimately the scheduling of private classes is up to the Blink Administration.

All class times are subject to change.

Class Size

The minimum group class size is two students and the maximum is six students. Class sizes change from week to week, one week you may have 5 students in your class, the next you might only have 2. The average is usually 4 students. Blink does reserve the right to have 6 people in groups.

If a student feels they are not advancing fast enough or for any reason are not happy with their class, Blink Will change that student to private classes and the student Will receive 11 total hours of private classes (or a prorated remaining amount) in Exchange for the normal class package.

Blink reserves the right to cancel group classes. If your class is canceled because we did not have enough students for a group, you Will receive 10 total hours of private classes in Exchange for the normal class package.

Teachers & Classes

Teachers are not assigned to their classes until the Sunday before the beginning of each start date. We cannot guarantee that students and their former classmates will be placed into the same course. Blink Spanish reserves the right to reassign professors after a course has started. Students may request a particular professor for the class they are registering for but this is not guaranteed. Once classes begin there is no transferring between classes, unless supported by the professor.

Professors are not involved in scheduling classes. If you wish to book, change or extend classes you should consult with Blink administration.


The first day of your class, you will receive the curriculum material from your teacher according to your level, in case extra material is required for personal study please ask us. Additional levels of curriculum cost 15.000cop each and will only be sold if the professor tells us the student can cover material in multiple levels.

Pricing, Payments, Discounts & Fees

We encourage students to register early and pay in advance to guarantee their classes and avoid price rises. In high season our actual costs (if booked less than a week in advance may be up to 50.000cop higher than the published price. You may secure the current price and avoid future price increases by paying the full course amount in advance. Once classes are paid the price of those classes will be guaranteed for a period of one year from the date of booking. If a student books classes and the price subsequently rises, additional classes will be charged at the new rate. If classes are not taken within 12 months of payment they will be forfeited. All paid class payments can be converted into online or in-person classes for a nominal change fee of 15.000cop.

Classes can be paid for online (Payulatam), in cash (Colombian Pesos) or by credit card at the school (2.5% credit card fee applies). Remember to advise your bank that you are travelling to Colombia or making an international payment before you pay online.

Extending Students Will be charged a late fee if the following week´s class is not paid for by the Wednesday before. The late fee is 30.000COP.

A class change fee of 50.000COP also applies to changes received after Thursday of the week before the classes.

Attendance, Rescheduling, Refunds & Cancellations

Group Courses can not be rescheduled or canceled after the week has begun. Any cancelation after the Thursday before the class begins is subject to a cancelation fee of ½ the full amount paid. Missed days cannot be refunded, rescheduled, transferred to another period of time or to another person. In the case of absence please contact your teacher for homework. Our founder often makes accommodations because he is a swell guy but these accommodations can not be guaranteed.

Private Online Classes may be rescheduled where notice is given with at least 24 hours notice. Classes Will not be refunded if canceled with less than 24 hours notice.

Refunds are only paid in cash. Online cancelations can not be paid but Blink Will accept the transfer of hours to another person for a change fee of 50.000cop.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions write us or check our FAQ’s on the website.

All complaints, suggestions & recommendations should be directed to our founder, Christian Robinson at These Terms & Conditions are subject to change.