Our founder believes that the best investment any company can make is in good people. People treated well will continue to improve. Whether it is Spanish or life, we must never stop learning, improving, and having possitive effects on those around us. Our founders pay… less than 10k usd per year. We don´t just say better mission. We live it.

    • Blink is employee owned.
    • We feed and house employees.
    • A percentage of all of our profits are used towards service.

A requirement at Blink is that our professors and employees aren’t just Good employees but more importantly are good humans. Heart is a required at Blink. Our employees embrace our misión and want to give back. They want to be a part of a company that operates a mission larger than just profits. During the Covid pandemic, a portion of all of our business is being used to cook and deliver meals to Medellín’s poorest and hardest affected neighborhoods. Our future and even bigger mission will continue with our feeding program and expand into free English classes for poor communities. By 2022, we would like to offer free online English courses to anyone in the World. We have a lot of work to do…

Support a company that strives for more than profits.