all you need is…

The aplication “ZOOM”

Click here to download it


With a headset

Earphones & Microphone

A solid internet connection

Trial classes are exactly like our other classes but they last just 45 minutes, while normal classes are 1-hour (or more depending on what you schedule and pay for).

Yes. All of our professors are not just native speakers, but Colombians where the Spanish accent and grammar are considered the clearest and most correct in the world.

Prices are between $10-$14usd per hour of private class depending on the quantity.

You will have up to 3 months after the date of the purchase.

Good question, we like you.  YES, our teachers are all professors.  Each is accredited, certified and has at a minimum of a 4 years university degree.

YES.  And this is important.  All of our teachers have at least intermediate English.  For you beginners… this is important because as a beginner certain things need clarity.  A clouded mind doesn´t learn as well as a clear one.

You can switch your teacher whenever you want.  You will just want to contact us through the student portal.

If you consider yourself more lazy than most, we actually suggest an app over paying for classes.  APP´s are free and very few people ACTUALLY LEARN with them.  The developers of these APP´s are very wealthy and very smart.  They know that most people want to learn a language and prey on that desire by offering the world in an APP (that doesn´t work) but you keep doing it because it´s sort of fun and you don´t want to feel incapable or give up.  We don´t roll like that.  We actually have a mission that our students WILL SPEAK SPANISH.  ¡VAMANOS! (Let´s go!)

If you would like to reschedule or cancel a class, you need to confirm 48 hours prior to the class.

  1. A computer, Download and install Zoom application.
  2. A Good internet connection – at least 15Mbps.
  3. Earphones and a microphone.
  4. A quiet space is preferable.
  5. Good manners. We know learning can be difficult but professional behavior with our professors is a requirement. Bring a clear mind and good vibes.

We are flexible and We will work with you to schedule your classes.

We run a Cervantes-style curriculum which teaches Spanish in 14 different levels (A1.1-C2).  We like to focus in the most practical grammar and conversation, but we are always flexible.  In private classes you are the boss.  We can follow our curriculum or work on what you want.  To see our curriculum guide please click the following link.  The curriculum guide will show you what you learn at each level.

We are working on this because we want you to be able to tip, but it surely isn´t necessary.  Each of our employees profitshare at Blink and we do our best to provide them with a work environment that is both fun and designed to support their development as great humans.

Not a silly question and the answer is actually, YES.  Learning languages puts a dormant part of your brain back to work increasing your aptitude for greater memory and overall mental function.

Sure. You only live once so why not try?  We do ask however, that if you ask once and are denied to try not to ask again =-)

No. Silly question. Most Colombians are actually Catholic, don´t do drugs, and hate murderous villains.

My name is Christian Oscar Robinson.  I am the owner and founder of Blink and life is just too short not to have fun every day.

Yes. Colombia is amazing, safe, beautiful and full of some of the kindest people you will ever meet.  We would love to host and teach you!  See our website here

Click here to email your question and we will get back to you ASAP – ¨Lo mas pronto que sea posible¨