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How about private 1-on-1 classes with one of the best Spanish schools in the world?

Why Study with Blink?


Top Rated School:

In just 5 years Blink has received almost perfect rating on both google and facebook. We want your experience to 5-Stars. Blink is owned in part by our professors and administrators, meaning they are ALL invested in the process of each and every Blink student.

Experience Matters:

Our average professor averages 5,000 hours of experience in our system and the screening process to become a Blink professor is extremely stringent. Other schools hire cheap, and pass that on to you. Our reputation depends on your experience.

Cutting-Edge Curriculum:

We’ve spent 5 years perfecting our curriculum. We teach 14 levels of Spanish and our curriculum has been developed to advance you one unit at-a-time from 1 all the way up to 130. Sure you can work on what you want in private classes, but eventually we get you to the top!

Study When You Want:

Study an hour or 20 hours per week and change from week-to-week. Our customer service is among the best you will find. We want you to stay with your same professors and won´t switch you from class-to-class just to make an extra dollar. If your time & professor isn´t available, we will work to find a solution that works for you.